The Renovations continue. Check out our progress on the 'CAN'
The Beginning
The Day of the "Lift"
The Lift Begins
The Lift Continues
The lift is complete
The original foundation
Staging Begins for the new foundation
Preparing for the concrete
The foundation has been poured
Foundation now ready for the new concrete floor
Another view of the foundation
Foundation in place
Ready for the 'Can' to be moved back to its home
Back in It's Home
Let the Scraping Begin
Scraping down to the Original Silver Color
Electrical Wiring Begins
Repurposing of an old hardward floor
New siding from the repurposed hardward floor
The scraping continues, going for the top floor
Painting Begins
Septic is In
Trim Color Applied
Serving Window's Up
Getting Close
Organizing of the Parking Lot
Final Trim has been applied
Picnic Table Area
picnic tables have arrived
Ordering Choices... hhhmmm...!!
Wash Sinks
Another View
Anyone want a hotdog?
Ready for the hot fudge sauce
Interior View
Open for Business
Today's Choices
Order Up..!
The New Storage Unit
The beginning of the Storage Unit
Preparing for concrete
Foundation complete of the Store Unit
Bringing up the walls
Adding the siding
Lets put a Roof on
Storage Shed
Finishing Touch on the Roof
Roof is Finished
The Doors are in Place
Details of Hardware
Let the Landscaping Begin

If you would like to make a donation to help us rebuild, please send a check to:

Salvador's Ice Cream
460 SmithNeck Road
S. Dartmouth, MA 02748

Thank you very much.  Your continued support is appreciated